We are delighted that you are exploring this first day-Limmud in the South West, held very successfully, we’re also delighted to report, on 10 June 2018.


If you are not already familiar with the concept of Limmud, here are some pointers:

  • Limmud is about shared learning
  • Every Limmud programme offers you a range of topics of Jewish interest
  • The Limmud ethos is one of discovery and participation
  • At Limmud you feel comfortable to explore new ideas
  • At Limmud you meet old friends and make new ones

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At Limmud Bristol SW, you: 

  • Had  a very varied range of attractive sessions to choose from
  • Could feel assured about choosing topics that are new to you
  • Could share your exploring of topics of Jewish interest with people of Jewish and non-Jewish backgrounds
  • Had time to refresh and chat with other participants
  • Had FUN !


Our day Limmud was held at Bristol Cathedral Choir School, chosen for its easy central accessibility. 

A seven strong volunteer group planned a day event to enable 240 participants – who didn’t have to be Jewish – to attend five sessions on Jewish themes.

Participants chose their five from thirty sessions offered by local, national and international presenters, covering a wide range of subjects from the serious to the more light-hearted.

Topics covered art, music, philosophy, spirituality, intercultural dialogue, the environment, social history, food, the environment, international politics.

Some instant feedback:

  • “Best Limmud I’ve been to – I thoroughly enjoyed each session.”
  • “So stimulating – a remarkable choice of sessions.”
  • “So valuable to hear radical but practical perspectives on how to enable school students to learn critical thinking and conflict resolution techniques in relation to the Middle East and other conflict areas.”

To end the day, some hardy participants walked up Bristol’s steep Park Street to visit Bristol’s historic Park Row synagogue.   A visit led by the synagogue’s current President, who had earlier presented a lively session describing notable characters of the past in Bristol and Bath Jewry.


On the Session Information page you will find three accounts of how three participants experienced Limmud Bristol SW.


The Bristol Limmud Planning Group feel proud that, through this event, the Bristol Jewish community has augmented its appearance on the Bristol scene, as well as on the British Jewry map. 



Helen Vegoda at the Presenters Desk showing a keen participant where to go

The Limmud Bristol kitchen

The Limmud Bristol Help Desk

Yoav Ben-Shlomo welcoming participants before Allan Schiller's session

Daphna Sadeh-Neu and Knud Stuwe presenting

Keen readers at Waterstones bookstall

Welcoming Limmud Bristol participants

Martin Vegoda and Farhan Cheema after presenting Salaam Shalom