Session Information

This one-day Limmud, the first in the South West, takes place in central Bristol. 

Our programme covers topics of national and international Jewish interest.

Our session programmers have enjoyed researching and inviting presenters of wide-ranging and diverse topics.  Over 30 have agreed to take part. 

We hope that you will join us.        

As a flavour of the sessions you can choose from in June, you will find:

  • Madge Dresser:   Jews and the Atlantic Slavery – beyond the polemics

  • Dana Mills: The Jewess as pariah – Eleanor Marx and other radical women – their contemporary relevance

  • David Jewell & Gene Feder:  Supporting the development of family medicine in Palestine: Why is this a Jewish task?

  • Claire Le Foll:  Marc Chagall – between shtetl and modernity

Or why not choose to hear:

  • Izzy Posen:  From Charedi boy to secular university student: A journey of learning

  • Tamar Hodos:  Archaeology and the Bible: Where do they intersect?

  • Edie Friedman:  The Jewish response to the refugee crisis

  • Brian Daniels:  Perils and pitfalls of a Jewish theatre producer

You could decide to listen to:

  • Michael Davies:  A new way to teach the history of the Israel Palestine conflict

  • Rebecca Abrahams:  The Jewish Journey: 4000 years in 22 objects

  • Tim Cole:  Holocaust landscapes:  The shifting geographies and histories of the Shoah

  • Allan Schiller:  My life in music

Or be intrigued by:

  • Sybil Sheridan:  There are still Jews in Ethiopia

  • Mike Witcombe:  Post-Roth: What next for Jewish-American Literature

  • Kalsoom Bashir & Martin Vegoda:  Salaam Shalom: Dialogue begins through  arts or media participation

  • Clive Lawton:  Is it Jewish to care about the environment ?

  • Monica Bohm-Duchen:  Insiders/Outsiders:  A nationwide arts festival paying tribute to creative refugees of the 1930’s

  • Ben Nathan:  Same Colour Tears – a conversation with Palestinian and Israeli voices

Your session list might include:

  • Alex Schlesinger:  The story of the Jews of Bristol and Bath – with an optional visit at day end to Park Row Synagogue

  • Mark Solomon:  How many ways can you sing kaddish?

  • Sarah MacDougall:  ‘Independence of Vision’: David Bomberg (1890-1957)

  • Robert Hurst:  The Jewish birth of the Broadway musical

Or your list might have:

  • Monique Mayer & Kalsoom Bashir:  Faith beyond patriarchy: Personal reflections of a Muslim Chaplain and a Progressive Rabbi

  • David Mowat:  The making of “Longing, belonging and Balfour”:  A musical addressing  Israel Palestine

  • Kurt Lampe:  Philo of Alexandria’s Jewish Philosopy

  • Sharon Booth:  Israel and Palestine:  Learning anti-prejudice, conflict resolution and dialogue skills in British secondary schools

While, as an alternative choice, how about:

  • Lara Balsam:  Veganism takes root in the land of milk and honey

  • Jonathan Wittenberg:  Things my dog has taught me – about being a better person

  • Daphna Sadeh-Neu & Knud Stüwe East to west – a musical journey


You’ll also find more information relating to sessions and their presenter on our Facebook page.

And we’ll obviously amend the page if any one presenter offers a different topic, or, for personal reasons, has to pull out.